Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Last Updated: 14/02/2017

What You Provide Us With Directly

We collect all details you submit to us in the sign up page. We also collect your name and email address when you subscribe to us using any of our subscription forms.

What We May Collect

We retrieve the web browser and device you are currently on to make sure this website is fully optimised for your viewing tool. Signing up we may require your Internet Protocol (IP) address to secure your account incase of any unauthorised login attempts.


For our marketing campaign, we use Google Analytics to generate a report of this site to find out what web pages you went on, how long you stayed on these pages for and what country you are accessing this website from. This collects your Internet Protocol (IP) address in the process. Another service we use for our marketing campaign is Privy analytics which is used to find out how many users subscribed to us in real time and also find out how many users clicked on the form.


We also use cookies which is data that contains information stored on your web browser. We use cookies to store information such as when the lightbox subscription form last appeared and to store information about some of the products we display. These cookies will give you a faster and better experience on this website.

Information Collection Policy

At, our marketing plan isn't aimed at children under 13 therefore we don't advocate collecting personal information on children. We advise that children are either supervised or have their parent's consent when boarding this site as most content on this site isn't directed at infants.


We use Google AdSense which is a third party advertisement program that retrieves the page views of this website and get yours geolocation.

Information Privacy

At, we are obliged to not sell or give away your information at any cost unless it is required for a service and you are in agreement with the decision.

Copyright Notice

We forbid copying and/or redistributing content on this site if you wasn't granted permission. However, if you want to display some of our content on your site, you are required to contact us first and we'll usually accept if is given full credit and a positive reputation.

Policy Updates

The policy may change/adjust in future and it will be displayed in the privacy policy page.